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Iran and Syria sign $3.6bn oil deal Al J

Iran and Syria sign $3.6bn oil deal Al Jazeera | Tehran agrees to supply Damascus with oil in exchange for the right to invest in country devastated by conflict.

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Edward Snowden Took Job With Access To N

Edward Snowden Took Job With Access To NSA Information Because Of Sequestration, Father Says

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“Bradley Manning’s alleged disclosures h

“Bradley Manning’s alleged disclosures have exposed war crimes, sparked revolutions, and induced democratic reform. He is the quintessential whistleblower.

Bradley Manning acquitted of “Aiding the Enemy” charge, month-long sentencing
phase now determines fate By the Bradley Manning Support Network. July 30,

“We won the battle, now we need to go win the war,” shared defense attorney
David Coombs following today’s verdict. “Today is a good day, but Bradley is
by no means out of the fire,”

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NATO Global Strike Force To Hold Series

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Interview: U.S., NATO Expect Karzai To D

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[Guardian] Revealed: NSA tool that colle

[Guardian] Revealed: NSA tool that collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the
by Glenn Greenwald

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[Prensa Latina] Syria, Iran Sign Multi-M

[Prensa Latina]
Syria, Iran Sign Multi-Million Deal for Oil Purchase
Syria and Iran signed an agreement, between their Central Banks, to implement a credit aimed at buying oil and its derivatives for 3.6 billion dollars, highlighted here today the official news channel.

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