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France preparing for no-fly zone in Syri

France preparing for no-fly zone in Syria?
Paris said it is considering helping to enact a partial no-fly zone over Syria, proposed earlier by the US, the move adds yet more pressure on Damascus as the fiery rhetoric increases.

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France backs no-fly zone over Syria Mean

France backs no-fly zone over Syria
Meanwhile Russia continues to oppose any military action against Syria and calls for a peaceful solution and further dialogue. Russia reaffirmed on Thursday that it would continue economic cooperation with Syria despite unilateral sanctions by a number of countries.

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[RT] `US not our daddy to punish us` – E

`US not our daddy to punish us` – Ecuador FM Patino to RT
Ecuador does not fear US revenge for granting asylum to Julian Assange. Despite America’s power in the world, it is not Ecuador’s “father or teacher to punish us,” the country’s foreign minister said exclusively to RT Spanish host Eva Golinger.

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No-fly zone over Syria – West Hellbent O

No-fly zone over Syria – West Hellbent On Replicating Libyan Model In Syria “This is a clear-cut intention to repeat the Libyan scenario,” Dolgov says, referring to Clinton’s recent statement on a possible introduction of a no-fly zone over Syria, something that he says is little more than a call for an armed interference in Syria’s internal affairs. The no-fly zone stipulates destroying missile defense systems and launching air strikes, and it, in fact, means an armed invasion of Syria which can only be fulfilled without being endorsed by the UN. All the more so that Russia and China several times blocked the UN Security Council resolutions which paved the way for resolving the Syrian crisis through the Libyan scenario.”

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Army admits to investigating Bradley Man

Army admits to investigating Bradley Manning supporters – an international activism group that advocates on behalf of the imprisoned accused whistleblower.

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The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal S

The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray To Keep Troops From Taking The ‘Easy Out’

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Madrid. Spanish public sector workers bl

Madrid. Spanish public sector workers blew whistles and horns Friday at a noisy rally in Madrid to protest against government cutbacks that include slashed salaries, AFP reported. The protesters – many waving red flags representing Spain’s two largest unions, the UGT and the CCOO, which organised the rally – gathered outside the finance ministry as they have every Friday this month. Demonstrations were held in other Spanish cities, said the two unions. These protests “will culminate on September 15 with a huge march in Madrid” to demand that the government cutbacks be put to a referendum.

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