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Tom Morello urges fans, musicians to str

Tom Morello urges fans, musicians to strike on May Day with Occupy Wall Street

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On substituting the petro Dollar China`s

On substituting the petro Dollar
China`s ever-growing energy dependence highlights the necessity of establishing a yuan-denominated international energy pricing system. This is an inevitable path for the rise of the yuan`s status in international energy trade. It is also a crucial step toward the yuan`s internationalization.

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Bombings in Syria put UN-backed initiati

Bombings in Syria put UN-backed initiative at stake
DAMASCUS, April 27 (Xinhua) — A string of bombings hit the Syrian capital of Damascus on Friday, leaving at least 11 people killed. The surge in violence dealt a tough blow to a peace plan brokered by the Arab League (AL)-UN joint envoy Kofi Annan.

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Pakistan to US: It`s drones or transit I

Pakistan to US: It`s drones or transit
Islamabad’s clear ultimatum to fully stop drone strikes in Pakistan has found no understanding in Washington which refuses to change its air warfare tactics. Consequently, logistic routes to Afghanistan remain closed to the US.

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Pentagon has ‘successful plan’ with hund

Pentagon has ‘successful plan’ with hundreds of Tomahawks deployed near Iran
America’s plan B for Iran “will be successful,” promises US defense secretary, Leon Panetta. Reports suggest this is no sable rattling, as the US strike groups deployed to the Persian Gulf may be carrying some 430 Tomahawk missiles.

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Foreclosure Blockade Activists’ ‘Week

Foreclosure Blockade Activists’ ‘Week of Action’ is Indeed Action-Packed

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Richard Wolff: ‘They like a little radi

Richard Wolff: ‘They like a little radicalism. They have been waiting.’
From Fox to Occupy, it seems everyone wants to hear what American Marxist Richard Wolff has to say about economics

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