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[Ria Novosti] Nach Attentat: Syrischer P

[Ria Novosti]
Nach Attentat: Syrischer Premier bietet Rebellen Gespräche an
Die syrische Regierung erklärt sich erneut bereit zu Gesprächen mit der Opposition.

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Hagel: Evidence of chemical weapons use

Hagel: Evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria…
‘Red line’ crossed…

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John McCain: `We could do this & that ..

John McCain: `We could do this & that … to finish Assad off!`
“No one should think that we have to destroy every air defense system or put tens of thousands of boots on the ground to make a difference in Syria. We have more limited options. We could, for example, organize and overt and large-scale operation to train and equip Syrian opposition forces….”

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Some lawmakers told last week about Syri

Some lawmakers told last week about Syria, sarin – The White House publicly acknowledged Thursday that Syria used chemical weapons, leading several senators called on the Obama administration to step up its response.
“It’s pretty obvious that red line has been crossed,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told reporters.

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Depleted Uranium – Congressman McDermott

Depleted Uranium – Congressman McDermott HBO Interview – 21.4.13

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(Global Research) Boston Set Up? Tsarnae

(Global Research) Boston Set Up? Tsarnaev Brothers’ Mother: My Sons are Innocent, This is a Set Up

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Anatomy of a False Flag – by Stephen Len

Anatomy of a False Flag – by Stephen Lendman
False flags are an American tradition. They go way back. The Boston bombings appear the latest.

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