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[Xinhua] Syrian rebels behead pro-gov`t

Syrian rebels behead pro-gov`t imam in Aleppo
Armed rebels beheaded a pro-government Muslim imam in Syria`s northern province of Aleppo,

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The African Union, Algeria and Mali The

The African Union, Algeria and Mali
The West’s War Against African Development Continues

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LONDON – Coalition of Resistance – 63 ec

LONDON – Coalition of Resistance – 63 economists pledge support for People’s Assembly letter to the Guardian #KdWiderstands

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VIDEO – Irakkrieg: We Were Soldiers in t

VIDEO – Irakkrieg: We Were Soldiers in the “War on Terror”

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(Guardian) Damn right, George Bush shoul

Damn right, George Bush should face criminal proceedings for waterboarding
Though signatory to the convention against torture, Canada neglected to investigate George Bush. Will the UN now act?

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[Russia Today] Arming opposition in Syri

[Russia Today]
Arming opposition in Syria is violation of international law – Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that plans to arm the Syrian rebels would violate international law, citing Libya, where anti-Gadhafi forces received arms despite an embargo on the country.

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[The Telegraph] Syria: Britain could go

[The Telegraph]
Syria: Britain could go it alone in arming rebels
David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said for the first time that Britain could go it alone to supply arms to Syria`s rebel fighters as he said that the government was prepared to veto or defy a European arms embargo.

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