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[salon.com] Greenwald and Snowden saved

[salon.com] Greenwald and Snowden saved the media from itself
For all the scoffing among “journalists” at Glenn Greenwald, Americans trust the media more after his disclosures – If, as the saying goes, courage is contagious, then perhaps the encouraging trend in Gallup’s poll will help the Guardian’s brand of courage spread to other news outlets. Sure, many of them (to say the least) may not evince a principled devotion to adversarial journalism. But most of them understand self-interest, which is what these survey results are really all about for the news business. In the context of the NSA story, they prove that for media outlets there can be a self-interest in challenging — rather than transcribing — the official line. Read all @ http://www.salon.com/2013/09/25/greenwald_and_snowden_saved_the_media_from_itself/

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